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Effectiveness Efficiency Productivity Profitability Reliability Renewability

Unified technology is an important design concept for building systems using technologies that interact with users and their environments. The best design requires a systematic approach to apply this concept based on the following six prime qualities of an optimal system. With measurable parameters, monitoring each quality should be an integral part of the system, especially for larger systems.


A Complete Mobile Lab System


1) Effectiveness and Efficiency: To be effective and efficient, the system must produce intended effects within expected response times according to parameters specified in the design. After factoring in the time and efforts into the formula for computing effectiveness, we monitor cost-effectiveness to maintain the efficiency of the system.


2) Productivity and Profitability: For an effective and efficient system to be productive, its users must be able to control the system with minimal learning periods and optimal operating environments. When a system is productive, the running cost depends mostly on personnel and management expenses, leading to a simpler, reliable way to predict profitability.


In a productive system with high effectiveness and efficiency, its profitability increases if the running cost can be reduced further without price inflation. Unfortunately, this requires more savings in personnel and management expenses. Although automation is intuitively a cost-cutting measure, an unbalanced process will create undesirable effects on the operation.

Complexity, dependence, and redundancy are the three major undesirable effects in systems with excessively automated designs without self-reporting capability on these effects. Using measurable parameters, the unified system should have intrinsic mechanisms to readjust the level of complexity, to interact with the operators to minimize dependence, and to monitor redundancy.


3) Reliability and Renewability: These are two core qualities of systems designed based on unified technology with modular components. The modules must go through rigorous tests to communicate well with one another. We program them to have overlapping functions so that one component can take over a failed module that can be replaced or upgraded


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